“I was sick of my life in addiction so i googled ice rehab Melbourne and found ASV, best move I ever made, ASV helped me turn my life around, got my kids back too, eternally grateful.”


“I successfully completed the ASV Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Melbourne Program, it was the first thing i had completed in a long time, the program really opened my eyes, great information delivered i a practical manner by experienced and qualified people, highly recommended.”


I started smoking cannabis (dope) when I was in my early teens. I had an older brother who gave it to me.

Sadly, my older brother died of a heroin overdose last year. It broke mine and my families heart. I miss him every day. His passing was the start of a process for me which led to total abstinence from all substances, including alcohol.

The ASV Rehab at Home program was the circuit breaker I needed. I was introduced to concept of substance use and dependence being a medical issue. After doing much research trying to find contrary evidence, I am pleased to report that when I started treating my addiction as an illness, I began to recover.

I am now happy, joyous and free to achieve my dreams and become the best me, I also am now looking forward to my life, thanks so much ASV, my brother would be proud!

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