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Welcome to the Melbourne Health and Wellness intro to Drug and Alcohol support services Blog

The Health & Wellness intro to Drug and Alcohol support services blog, Melbourne, aims to provide an online discussion platform for people seeking information on appropriate support services and like minded professionals to discuss the many approaches, benefits, philosophies and challenges experienced by practitioners and people accessing addiction treatment and recovery support services.

The platform provides an opportunity for relevant and authoritative health and wellness organisations providing treatment and support to individuals and families impacted by addiction an opportunity to introduce themselves, their organisations and provide relevant articles.

All submissions must include an introduction by an authorised representative of the organisation providing the introduction.

Introduction 1

Addiction Solutions Victoria Inc.

ASV is a not for profit incorporated association created in response to a community requirement that accessing treatment for drug and alcohol addiction treatment services should be available, timely and affordable.

The ASV core program is delivered in house so that privacy and safety can be assured.

All ASV staff hold appropriate qualifications for their roles and are passionate about support any person seeking positive change and recovery an opportunity to achieve it in a sustainable manner.

The ASV purpose is to offer any person impacted by an addiction access to evidence-based support and an authentic opportunity at positive change.

For more information, check out our websites across Melbourne and Geelong.

ASV Melbourne

ASV Geelong

1227-1229 Malvern Road

Malvern, VIC 3144 – by appointment only.

Call ASV for a free phone consultation03 8374 7648

or for more information email